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Ethiopian, CBE launch platinum co-branded card payment channel to customers

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Addis Ababa, November 6, 2019 (FBC) – The Ethiopian Airlines (Ethiopian) and the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) today launched platinum co-branded card payment channel to allow customers to pay for air ticket.

The bank has facilitated the sale of Ethiopian e-tickets worth nearly 260 million Birr within ten months thought its digital payment channels in 2019, it was indicated.

During the period, 67,480 e-tickets were sold using CBE’s digital payment channels including its CBE Birr App and online bookings at all branches of the bank.

The digital payment solution is geared towards allowing the customers to use CBE’s digital payment channels and fly to over 125 destinations of Ethiopian worldwide.

Group CEO of Ethiopian, Tewolde Gebremariam said Ethiopian has been working in collaboration with CBE for long of time in multifaceted areas to reach on the current remarkable achievement.

He said “the digital payment service of CBE has availed us the opportunity to greatly streamline our payment systems and help our customers process their flights at ease, in efficient and effective manner.”

Noting as customer focused global airlines he stated “We have invested heavily on digitizing our systems and operations to meet the evolving expectation of customers.”

Currently, Ethiopian offers 40 percent of digital payment for customers he said, adding the Ethiopian will continue to further strengthen it collaboration with the bank to modernize the service.

President and CEO of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Bacha Gina said on his part that “W are proud to have pioneered the modernization of payment systems in Ethiopia.”

The various e-payment facilities that the bank deployed have enabled it to become leader in provision of technology based banking services.

The platinum co-branded card payment channel would help customers to save time, resources as well as make the process ease an efficient, the Bank President noted.

Source: ENA