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EPRDF’s merger leads to real federalism, inclusive democracy: official

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Addis Ababa, November 13, 2019 (FBC) – The ruling coalition’s pursuit to merge into a single national party will answer the public’s quest for fair representation, inclusive democracy and genuine federalism.

This was revealed when Fekadu Tessema, Head of EPRDF’s Political and Civic Affairs sat with the daily Amharic newspaper ‘Addis Zemen’ for an exclusive interview.

The merger will lead towards a genuine federalism that is capable of answering the public’s age-old demands. It can also help solve the issues in the party by changing past pattern, where fair representation and inclusive participation was lacking, he told ‘Addis Zemen’.

Further, it can ensure the constitutional aspirations of creating a single economic and political community by creating a system where everyone participates and every citizen is equally represented.

Stating that unitary system is unthinkable in Ethiopia, Fekadu noted that the merger is a tool to implement a real federalism that coalesce Ethiopian identity with ethnic identity.

He also indicated the merger will enable Ethiopians to enjoy self-administration, and the use of their own language, which can burgeon into a federal language of the country, and the chance to build and develop Ethiopia in an equal sense of ownership.

As to Fekadu, the issue of party merger is not a new issue, and has been raised starting from the party’s 5th regular meeting, and in recent meetings the decision was given to hurry the study.

“So, in this regard, it can be said that the process was slow, but it has also showed the party’s leadership commitment to answer the questions of the public.”

He added the merger is initiated to build a democratic and inclusive system. The existing situation of Ethiopia is different from the times when the Front was established, and the current situation demands a new restructuring that mirrors the actual reality on the ground, Fekadu noted.

A scientific study on the merger has been discussed at various levels, and it will be realized before the upcoming nationwide election, according to him. In this respect, several activities are being carried out, and the Party’s manifesto is being prepared, he concluded.

Source: EH