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President calls for more efforts of stakeholders to ensure access to justice

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Addis Ababa, September 11, 2019 (FBC) –President Sahle-Work Zewde has called upon all stakeholders to maximize efforts to see a new Ethiopia where access to justice is ensured.

The President made the remark at the celebration of the Justice Day held at the Millennium Hall yesterday.

Present at the celebration were senior government officials and stakeholders, including Meaza Ashenafi, President of the Federal Supreme Court.

President Sahle-Work said ensuring access to justice has an irreplaceable role to accelerate development and democracy as well as to build public trust in judicial institutions.

She said lack of public trust in judicial institutions will be a threat for the country by eroding the unity of the people.

The six-day campaign launched on September 6 under the theme “celebrating Pagumen with synergy,” to strengthen unison among Ethiopians will come to an end today with celebration of National Unity Day.

Pagumen is the 13th month of Ethiopian calendar. The Ethiopian calendar has 12 months of 30 days plus 5 or 6 days. The 6th day is added every 4 years. This year, it has six days.

Each day is being celebrated under six pillars of prosperity, peace, national pride, democracy, justice and national unity.

The country marked days of prosperity, peace, national pride, democracy and justice during the past five days. The last day of Pagumen is dedicated to justice.

Ethiopia’s New Year (2012) will begin tomorrow.