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Council of Ministers passes various decisions

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Addis Ababa, September 7, 2019 (FBC) –The Council of Ministers, in its 74th regular session held today, discussed and passed decision on various issues.

The Council discussed on the draft regulation prepared to amend the law determining the powers and duties of executive bodies of horticulture, live animals, hides, and skin marketing.

Accordingly, the horticulture development and marketing sector, which was under the mandate of the Ethiopian Investment Commission, is now accountable to the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA).

Similarly, live animals, hides and skins marketing sector will be managed by the Ministry of Trade and Industry, instead of the Ministry of Agriculture.

The Council also deliberated on the draft regulation prepared by the Ministry of Peace to defunct the Cyber Army Development Institute.

The main reason for the Ministry’s decision is to reduce burden on the country’s budget by covering the mission of the institute by other higher education institutions.

The Council also discussed and approved the draft regulation prepared by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education for the establishment and management of income generating scheme of public higher learning institutions.

The Council also permitted the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum to conclude agreement with Abay Industrial Development Share Company for the large-scale production of clay soil, gypsum and limestone.