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Commission working to submit recommendation

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Addis Ababa, September 10, 2019 (FBC) –The Administrative Boundaries and Identity Issues Commission of Ethiopia said it is working to submit a recommendation that accommodates difference while fostering unity in diversity.

In a press conference issued today, the Commission said it is currently scrutinizing the major problems referred to it by Office of the Prime Minister, House of Federation, and the House of People’s Representatives (HPR).

Commissioner, Dr Tassew Gebre, and Deputy Commissioner Ustaz Abubeker, told journalists that the Commission is performing its duties impartially without interference from any sides.

Since its establishment last February, the Commission has been working to submit recommendation by analyzing causes of administrative boundaries conflicts, self government and identity issues.

  • The following are the powers and duties of the Commission:
    provide alternative recommendations to the House of the Federation and the Prime Minister by studying any problems and conflict that are related to the administrative boundaries demarcation and issues of identity.
  • Provide recommendations to the House of the Federation on amendments actions that has to be taken to promote and consolidate unity of peoples based on equality and their mutual consent.
  • Provide recommendations, for the continued determination and alteration of administrative boundary decisions, to the House of the Federation, to the House of People’s Representatives and to the Prime minister, in order to expand appropriate constitutional principles, transparency and efficient system or amendment of laws.
  • Present recommendations to the House of the Federation for consideration, where by investigating administrative boundaries controversies which are directed to it from the House of the Federation, the House of Peoples’ Representatives and the Prime minister.
  • Facilitate ways in which Conflicts arise over administrative boundaries have been resolved, the renewal and strengthen of good relations between neighboring regions.
  •  Provide recommendations to the House of the Federation, the House of People’s Representatives and the Prime minister on the measures that has to be taken to make administrative boundaries is not further cause of conflicts.
  • Initiate the policy framework of administrative boundaries to make the administrative boundaries and their area of well-being for development and commerce.
  • Collect public opinion on issues of administrative boundaries.
  • Collect opinion and inputs for the study from regional and federal officials, political parties, and other stakeholders.
  • Prepare strategy and detailed plan that show the process of gathering public input and feedback, which ensures that the process includes all sections of the community.