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Premier wishes Ethiopians happy Ashenda/Shadey/Ashendye/Solel festival

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Addis Ababa, August 21, 2019 (FBC) -Prime Minister Dr Abiy Ahmed has sent his best wishes for all Ethiopians celebrating Ashenda/Shadey/Ashendye/Solel festival.

Ashenda/Shadey/Ashendye/Solel is girls and young women’s festivals celebrated in Tigray and Amhara regional states, northern part of Ethiopia.

It is a unique traditional festival that starts late August.

During the festival, girls and young women dress the best traditional dresses and wear a tall grass around their waist as a decoration. The girls also adorn themselves with array of beautiful jewelry.

In his message, the Prime Minister Dr Abiy said the celebration is the manifestation of Ethiopians’ age long culture of unity and preserving heritages.

The Prime Minister wished all Ethiopian a happy Ashenda/Shadey/Ashendye/Solel festival.