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EPRDF concludes regular session

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Addis Ababa, August 10, 2019 (FBC) –Executive Committee of the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) has concluded the meeting it held for the past two days.

During the meeting, the Committee reviewed performances of the party and other national issues as well as identified weaknesses, said Fekadu Tessema, Executive Committee Member and Head of Political Parties and Civil Affairs of EPRDF.

Lack of common understanding and opportunism within the leadership are identified as weaknesses which held back efforts to move forward the ongoing reform at the desired level, he said.

According to Fekadu, ethnic extremism is another issue identified as a weakness and the Committee underscored the need to fight against it, stating that it will be a challenge for the unity and federal system of the country.

Indicating that ethnic identity has to be respected, the Committee also emphasized the need to reconcile them with Ethiopian identity. It further called on the leadership to get themselves out of the influence of extremism being spread on social media.

There were restrictions on human and democratic rights in the past, the Executive Committee stated, adding there are also gaps now in enjoying the freedoms gained after the reform, Fekadu noted.

According to Fekadu, the Committee highlighted the need to enjoy freedoms properly and stressed that demands should be raised based on their importance to the country and also follow a civilized way.

The Committee said illegal movement has no place and anyone who tends to use force will pay a price, adding, rule of law will not be compromised, according to him.

Fekadu indicated that rectifying things that affect relation between the four parties that made up the ruling EPRDF were among the issues discussed during the meeting.

After through deliberation, the Committee agreed each party to evaluate itself instead of pointing a finger at another member party, he said.

The Executive Committee also reached an agreement on the need to enshrine the Constitutional right of citizens to live in any part of the country and generate wealth through ensuring rule of law, according to Fekadu.

The Committee also passed decision for the formulation of laws and regulations that help to institutionalize the changes gained after the reform initiative.It also called for efforts to engage mass media on topics focusing and promoting unity, tolerance, and rule of law, he said.

Regarding the upcoming general elections, the Committee said as a ruling party, EPRDF is committed to hold the election in 2012 EC and is preparing for that, Fkadu stated.

Demands for statehood in the SNNP regional state were among points of the discussion during the meeting.The Committee reviewed the scientific study conducted by the sponsorship of the Southern Ethiopian People’s Democratic Movement (SEPDM).

According to Fekadu, the Executive Committee welcomed the study and pledged to provide support for its realization.

Regarding merger of the coalitions into one party, Fekadu said consultations are being held on the study conducted as per the decision made at the EPRDF organizational conference held in the city of Hawassa last year.

The study will be tabled to the Executive Committee after it is reviewed by all the four parties that made up the Front, he said.