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Engr Aisha highlights Ethiopia’s successes in road, railway, shipping and airline at global forum

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Addis Ababa, August 21, 2019 (FBC) – Ethiopia’s Minister of Construction and Urban Development, Engineer Aisha Mohammed joined the panel discussion on connectivity at Indonesia-Africa Infrastructure Dialogue commenced in Bali yesterday.

In the discussion she applauded Ethiopia’s strong broad- based economic growth averaging 10.3% from 2007 to 2017 compared to the regional average of 5.4 %, according to the Ethiopian Embassy in Jakarta.

The Minister highlighted Ethiopia’s efforts on infrastructure development to become more productive and competitive country.

She stated the incredible achievements that have been registered in the areas of road infrastructure, railway, national logistics development, shipping sector and airline.

The Ethiopian government has established a railway corporation with the mandate to create a modern regional and nationwide railway network, she said.

The corporation recently completed a 656 kilometers railway network that link the capital city to the port of Djibouti which helped to cut the transport time from the current 84 hours to 10 hours, Engineer Aisha.

She further stated the Ethiopian government plan to partially privatize state owned companies such as Ethio-telecom, Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services and the Ethiopian Airlines in order to boost connectivity and its supporting infrastructure for efficient domestic, regional and international trading activities.

She mentioned the Ethiopian government commitments to work with Indonesia and its people on infrastructure development and connectivity projects and other feasible areas for mutual prosperity and development.