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Authority to build Coffee Park in Addis Ababa with $50m

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Addis Ababa, August 13, 2019 (FBC) – The Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority announced plans to build a coffee park, which is believed to play an important role to promote Ethiopia’s coffee to the international community.

The park will be built jointly by the Ethiopian and South Korean Governments at a cost of $50 million on 30 hectares of land in Addis Ababa, said Hyiru Nuru, market information and control director at the authority.

According to the director, the park, which will have a coffee museum and coffee market center, among others, will take three years for completion.

Recently, the authority said it is developing a national umbrella coffee brand to the international coffee market.

The national umbrella brand, Ethiopian Coffee, will enhance the weak brand promotion strategy of the sub-brands of Yirgacheffe, Harrar, and Sidamo coffee.

The national brand will have a paramount importance for development of the coffee sector as it helps the country to decide and negotiate the price of coffee in the international market.