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President meets visually impaired female graduates

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Addis Ababa, July 19, 2019 (FBC) –President Sahle-Work Zewde met and encouraged visually impaired female graduates of Addis Ababa University class of 2019, who have been beneficiaries of Tsehay Zewde Memorial Scholarship Programme during their studies.

The graduates are from various disciplines and have been given 900 birr for every three months, and also computer training and electronic materials support by the programme, according to office of the President.

On the occasion, President Sahle-Work congratulated the graduates for their successful achievements in a bumpy and difficult situation.

“You are a desirable model and exemplary for others. You have shown there is nothing impossible and should continue with this commitment. The bright future is yours.”

The female graduates, on their part, thanked the programme, enabling them to catch their dream and pave their way in the right direction.

“Without the support of the programme, our destiny would have been different. We humbly say thank you. ”

Tsehay Zewde Memorial Scholarship Programme, named after a lead hostess who lost her life on The Comoros Island on a deadly Ethiopian airplane crash 22 years ago is a younger sister of President Sahle-Work.

The Programme has supported 350 visually impaired female university students to successfully accomplish their studies since its establishment nine years ago.