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Ethio-Kenya cross border program has potential to transform border region into economic powerhouse: EU

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Addis Ababa, July 11, 2019 (FBC) -The Ethio-Kenya cross border program has been transforming the border regions in preventing violent extremism and conflict to improve community livelihood and support sustainable peace and development.

A sideline event on the experience of Ethiopia and Kenya border program was held at the two-day African regional high-level conference on counter-terrorism and prevention of violent extremism, which commenced in Nairobi, Kenya yesterday.

Representative from Ethiopia, including  Meles Alem, Ambassador of Ethiopia to Kenya attended the event.

Stefano Dejak, Ambassador of the European Union to Kenya, on the occasion said that “The program has the potential to transform the region into an economic powerhouse, comparable to the European Union”.

Ethio-Kenya cross border program was launched in December 2015 with co-funding by the European Union Emergency Trust Fund for Africa, IGAD and the UN in both countries.

The program known as “Integrated Program for Sustainable peace and Socio-economic Transformation: Marsabit county (Kenya) and Borana and Dawa Zones (Ethiopia)” aims to build a prosperous, healthy, peaceful and resilient community that utilizes its resources in a sustainable, equitable and effective manner.