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Ethiopia to extradite Yohannes Nesibu to U.S

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Addis Ababa, April 25, 2019 (FBC) –Ethiopia has decided to extradite Ethiopian-born U.S. national, Yohannes Nesibu, to the Government of the United States.

Yohannes, who is now in a detention center in Ethiopia, is accused of killing two Ethiopians in Virginia and misusing two guns, said Zinabu Tunu, public relations office head of the Federal Attorney General of Ethiopia.

The decision was made following the request of the the United States Department of Justice Criminal Division for his extradition, Zinabu told FBC today.

Upon request by the Ethiopian government, the United States had sent evidences proving that an arrest warrant was issued against him by Fairfax County Court on April 1, 2019, he said.

Based on the power and duties given for the Attorney General under Proclamation number 943/2016 article 6, sub-article 12, a decision was made on April 3 to extradite Yohannes to the United States, he said.

His extradition also took into account his nationality, the pledge made by the U.S. to treat him properly and the positive cooperation currently existed between the two countries in the justice sector, he indicated.

According to Zinabu, preparations are being completed to hand over the suspect to the U.S Government.