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Japan-funded Koshe dumpsite rehabilitation project inaugurated

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Addis Ababa, March 14, 2019 (FBC) –A project, which was executed to rehabilitate the collapsed area of the Koshe/Reppi dumpsite and prevent further erosion and landslides in the surrounding settlements, has been inaugurated today.

The project was built with 2 million US dollars provided by the Government of Japan, through the United Nations Human Settlements Programme -UN-HABITAT, according to a statement the Embassy of Japan sent to FBC today.

The inauguration ceremony took place at the dumpsite in the presence of Mr. Daisuke Matsunaga, Ambassador of Japan to Ethiopia, Dr. Solomon Kidane, Deputy Mayor of Addis Ababa city and Mr. Naison Mutizwa-Mangiza, Director, Regional Office for Africa, UN-Habitat.

The Embassy of Japan responded immediately to a request from the Addis Ababa City Administration, together with UN-HABITAT, by helping to establish resilient, safe and sustainable environmental administration systems for the citizens of Addis Ababa through the implementation of the Fukuoka Method of Solid Waste Management, the statement noted.

The technical core of the project is the ‘Fukuoka Method’, a landfill and solid waste management system developed in Japan by Professor Yasushi Matsufuji of Fukuoka University.

Under this method, a number of vertical pipes are set up to release the methane gas that accumulates underground, thus effectively preventing a possible collapse of the garbage mound. The Fukuoka Method is a semi-aerobic landfill solution developed in the early 1970’s in Japan.

Currently, it has been introduced in over 14 countries around the world, while over 100 countries have received training in the method.

Quality waste management is among the top priority areas in the Nairobi Implementation Plan of the Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD VI).

Japan will continue supporting the area of solid waste management through the implementation of the Fukuoka Method in Addis Ababa City and Bahar Dar City in 2019, the statement indicated.