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Defense force undertaking deep reform: Chief of Staff

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Addis Ababa, February 13, 2019 (FBC) – As part of the 7th Ethiopian Defense Force Day, a panel discussion was held in Adama city, Oromia regional state today.

The event was attend by Defense Minister, Engr. Aish Mohamed, chief administrator of Oromia regional state, Lemma Megersa, and Chief of Staff of the Defense Force, General Seare Mekonnen, among others.

General Seare on the occasion said the Defense Force has carried out a deep institutional reform with a view to building a well trained, strong, and professional army.

During the reform process, priority was given to building a defense force that is loyal to the constitution and a professional army, he added.

According to General Seare, the defense forces are now organized into naval, air force, special operation, and infantry divisions.

Chief administrator of Oromia regional state, Lemma Megersa, for his part said the defense force has been undertaking a tangible reforms at all levels.

He said “we should pay tribute to members of the army who are paying sacrifice at every front.”

Defense Force has been celebrating the day since January 9, 2019. The celebration will be concluded tomorrow.