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Premier vows to capacitate Defense Forces in all fields

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Addis Ababa, November 8, 2018 (FBC) – Prime Minister Dr Abiy Ahmed today held discussions with high ranking military commanders.

Today’s discussion comes following the culmination of deliberations that have been taking place at different levels within the Ministry of Defense, according to Office of the Prime Minister.

In his address, the Prime Minister said the efforts that have been started to capacitate the Defense Forces in all fields will continue with greater vigor.

In his remark, the Prime Minister also focused on military leadership and particularly on the development of leadership skills necessary to ensure military excellence.

He also addressed issues of military command implementation process, the appropriate use of power and ways of gaining legitimacy.

The Prime Minister also noted that the defense force, as an armed entity in a given country, needs to execute its responsibilities in accordance with the constitution.

He further emphasized that while fully executing its constitutional responsibilities, defense force operations need to ensure legitimacy, utmost care, obedience to the law, and have public wellbeing at heart.

He also shared that the military operations guidelines will be revised and that strong assignment and control system will need to be put in place.

The Prime Minister noted that while the Defense Force may not take arbitrary actions, it has responsibility of safeguarding the constitutional order per its related responsibilities in accordance to stringent operational guidelines, and in line with the wishes of peace loving Ethiopians.

During the discussion, the Prime Minister also highlighted the reforms undertaken over the past seven months, with a particular focus on the legal framework, structure, implementation capacity, and armaments.

He further said various capacity building activities are underway to ensure that the military is technologically equipped, capacitated to maintain and build as well as create and become a technology hub to contribute to other sectors and beyond itself.

Additionally, many actions are being undertaken to ensure that the composition of the defense force at all levels is inclusive of all Nations and Nationalities, he told the participants.

Activities are being undertaken to ensure that the Defense Force is capable of effectively undertaking its duties and responsibilities through the utilization of modern military equipment, he stated.