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PM warns violent groups to refrain from disruptive acts

Current political landscape in the country guaranteed both collective and individual rights.

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Addis Ababa, August 20, 2018 (FBC) – Prime Minster Dr Abyi Ahmed warned violent groups to refrain from any disruptive activities in the country.

The all-encompassing reforms that Ethiopia observed over the past few months have hoped the country for better and more peaceful prospect.

According to a communiqué issued by Office of the Prime Minister, Dr Abiy said that the current political landscape in the country guaranteed both collective and individual rights.

The reforms have helped to reinstate peace and stability in some of the country’s most restive areas.

However, the change has also brought mob justice fueled by some segments of the youth in some areas, which undermined rule of law.

Contrary to all these openings few groups are still engaged in contravention of the rule of law and destabilizing peace and security of country, the Premier said.

So, any act of violation against the rule of law and public security, the government will not tolerate and it will take strong legal measure, he stressed.

Under the auspices of peace few groups are maneuvering mob justice to the odds of the public interest, he said and adding that “this became a serious challenge for internal security.”

There has been a lack of awareness to identify freedom and lawlessness, which leads into violating the rule of law, he stated.

In this regard, this act of submissiveness has been affecting the public’s day to day’s activities and dismantling the deep-rooted peaceful coexistence and tolerance of the people, Dr Abiy said.

Therefore, since rule of law is the glue and foundation that keeps people to live together in harmony, the government won’t tolerate the increasing tendency to disregard the rule of law, Prime Minister Dr Abiy stressed.

As government is committed nurturing peace and stability, the Premier urged the public to cooperate with police and security forces by tips-off.

Source: ENA